Cat Jigsaw Puzzle Games

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Are you a fan of cats and jigsaw puzzles? Then you'll love these new cat-themed free jigsaw games with charming puzzles featuring all kinds of kitties, they're purr-fect for cat and puzzle fans of all ages.

Each game includes colorful jigsaw puzzles showcasing cute cats in fun scenes. Piece together adorable photos of kittens playing, cats napping in sunny spots, and more. From tabbies to Persians, you'll see all your favorite breeds.

Three difficulty levels allow you to choose easy, medium, or hard puzzles to complete. For beginners or experienced puzzlers, there's a challenge. As you play, you'll unlock new puzzles too.

Simple gameplay lets you slide pieces into place on a digital board. Clever cats peek out as the image emerges. Soothing music plays as you focus.

Complete individual puzzles or try to 100% each themed game pack. Relaxing gameplay and cute cats make these kids games an enjoyable way to spend time.

Whether you're young or young at heart, cat lovers will find hours of fun solving puzzles of their feline friends. Download the games today to start your new favorite cat jigsaw pastime!


  • 16 puzzles
  • Every puzzle is unique: Different piece shapes every time!
  • 1080p HD Graphics
  • Traditional jigsaw puzzle that you can easily play
  • More puzzles will increase with DLC

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Published 13 March 2023

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