Caliber is a fantastic free-to-play option for those who love team-based, tactical third-person shooters. This game, available to download free at GameTop, showcases special forces units from all over the world, providing players with an immersive and action-packed experience. There are four classes to choose from, more than 60 operators with unique abilities and equipment, and various game modes such as PvE, PvP, and PvPvE.

Players can enjoy dozens of operators hailing from Europe, America, and Asia, each featuring detailed equipment and weapons. These operators also possess unique abilities that allow for non-linear level progression, ensuring that no two matches are ever the same.

The shooting game offers a variety of ways to engage in combat. You can fight against other players in intense PvP battles, complete thrilling missions in PvE mode, or become a feared master of Frontline - the mixed PvPvE game mode that combines the best of both worlds.

With over a dozen detailed maps available, players can explore varied locations ranging from the Middle Eastern motifs of Karkhad to the European atmosphere of Zalessye. Each map provides its own unique challenges and opportunities for strategic gameplay.


  • Free-to-play tactical third-person shooter
  • Four classes with unique abilities and equipment
  • Over 60 operators from around the world
  • Various game modes: PvE, PvP, and PvPvE
  • Detailed maps with diverse locations
  • Non-linear level progression

How to Play

  1. Select your preferred class and operator based on their abilities and equipment.
  2. Choose a game mode: PvE for intense missions against AI enemies, PvP for player versus player battles, or Frontline for a mix of both.
  3. Navigate through detailed maps with varied locations and strategize your approach to each match.
  4. Work together with your team to complete objectives and secure victory.
  5. Earn experience points to unlock new abilities and equipment for your operator.
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Published 18 April 2023

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