Big Fish

Genre: Adventure. Available at

Rise from your nest and become a predator of the deep in this free Metroidvania exploration game!

Big Fish was developed by TOQ Games and released in 2020. The world is nothing but a forgotten graveyard and you are nothing but a Tadpole, small and helpless. You must grow into a terrifying creature of the deep and reverse what's been done. Big Fish has a number of advanced movement mechanics so the player can learn the game in a natural way and even carve new routes just by getting better. The enemies change as time goes on and depending on how the player interacts with the world. Partial procedural generation will make the world feel a little different every time it is traversed, while still allowing the Tadpole to learn it's surroundings.

Available until 05 December 2020! Click here to claim Big Fish



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Published 14 November 2020

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