Best Google Doodle Halloween Games

Every year, when the leaves fall and the air gets chilly, we all get excited. Halloween is on its way, bringing with it costumes, treats, and pumpkin carving! But for many internet users worldwide, there's an extra thrilling tradition that spices up the season - Google's Halloween Doodles.

Google Doodles are like little celebrations on one of the world's busiest websites. They mark holidays, special days, and honor famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. These fun changes to the Google logo make millions of people smile, surprise them, and even teach something new.

From helping a magic cat battle ghosts to joining a global spooky showdown, these Google games offer an exciting, hands-on experience that adds a dash of spookiness to our screens. They show how Google supports imagination, learning, and community spirit.

In this article, we'll explore some of Google's most memorable Halloween Doodles and discover the enchantment behind them. So grab your broomstick (or mouse), and let's explore the world of Google Doodle Halloween games!!

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Halloween 2022: The Great Ghoul Duel

What is the Great Ghoul Duel Halloween 2022 Google Doodle?

The Great Ghoul Duel Halloween 2022 Google Doodle is a sequel to the 2018 Great Ghoul Duel Doodle. It is an interactive online game that is part of Google's celebration of Halloween! In this spookier-than-ever edition, players can expect more unpredictable tricks and treats, including new characters, game maps, special power-ups, and other exciting features.

How to Play the Great Ghoul Duel Halloween 2022 Google Doodle

  1. Choose Your Team: Once in the game, choose your team color, and you're ready to start haunting!
  2. Explore Spooky Maps: Navigate through several spooky maps, each with its own challenges and surprises.
  3. Collect Spirit Flames: Your objective is to collect as many wandering spirit flames as possible within the two-minute time limit.
  4. Return to Home Base: After collecting spirit flames, rush back to your team's home base to deposit them and score points.
  5. Beware of Opponents: Be cautious! Opponents can intercept spirits from each other as they try to bring them back to their home base.
  6. Winning the Game: The team with the most collected spirit flames at the end of the two minutes wins the game.
  7. Multiplayer Options: You can host a game with friends using a custom invitation link or play with randomized players globally.
  8. Technical Details: The multiplayer functionality is powered by systems running on the Google Cloud Platform, including the integration of Open Match, a scalable matchmaking framework.

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Halloween 2020: Magic Cat Academy

  • The game took place underwater, featuring Momo the cat on a new adventure.
  • The game was divided into different levels, each representing a different depth of the ocean and featuring unique aquatic foes.
  • The levels included the Sunlight Zone with the Immortal Jellyfish, Twilight Zone with Boops Boops, Midnight Zone with Vampire Squid, and The Abyss with Anglerfish.

In 2020, Google Doodle celebrated Halloween with a sequel to the 2016 Magic Cat Academy game. This time, the game took place underwater, featuring Momo the cat on a new adventure against the Big Boss ghost and its school of ghouls.

The game began with a short animated video showing Momo dreaming about battling ghosts before diving into the sea with a magic wand and a determined look on her face2. Once underwater, players took on the role of Momo, who became surrounded by ghouls that could be defeated by casting spells.

The game was divided into different levels, each representing a different depth of the ocean and featuring unique aquatic foes. This interactive game not only entertained but also brought people together during festive times. It was a testament to Google’s commitment to fostering creativity and community spirit.

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Halloween 2019: Creature Feature

  • The 2019 interactive Halloween Doodle was a creature feature with surprises from animals commonly associated with scary movies, ghost stories, and Halloween decorations.
  • The animals users saw depended on which doors they chose. They could pick “trick” or “treat” to learn more.
  • Behind orange doors, players found animals often associated with scary movies and ghost stories, such as an owl and a tarantula.

In 2019, Google Doodle celebrated Halloween with an interactive animal-themed game. The game was titled “Creature Feature” and it was filled with surprises from animals commonly associated with scary movies, ghost stories, and Halloween decorations.

The game started with a short animation of a spooky neighborhood dressed up for Halloween. Users were then presented with six orange doors. Behind each door was a different creature that’s commonly featured in Halloween-themed movies. These included an owl, bat, tarantula, wolf, octopus, and a jaguar

Users could click on the doors to reveal the animals. Once a door was clicked, users were given the option to pick “trick” or “treat” to learn more. Those who picked “trick” were treated to fun animations of the animals engaging in playful activities. For example, they could watch a wolf play basketball or an owl head-bopping.

On the other hand, those who picked “treat” were presented with interesting facts about the featured animals. For instance, they could learn about the three-hearted octopus or the howling wolf.

The 2019 Halloween Doodle was not only entertaining but also educational. It offered users a chance to learn about different animals while enjoying the festive spirit of Halloween.

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Published 30 October 2023

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