Beginners Guide to Totem Tribe II Jotun: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Welcome new settlers to the world of Totem Tribe II: Jotun! If you're just starting your journey on Planet Teya, this guide is for you. Totem Tribe II is an MMO game with an expansive online world with immense depth, and the learning curve can feel daunting at first.

But fear not - this article will introduce you to all the essentials needed to establish a humble village and start exploring. So let's not waste any more time - it's time to join the thriving tribes of Planet Teya!

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Set Up Your Village

The first thing you'll want to do when starting your adventure in this strategy game is choose your initial spawn location on the world map. Each biome offers its own unique resources and challenges, so choose wisely! Personally, we recommend the grasslands or jungle areas to start - they are more forgiving environments for beginners.

Once you've selected your spot, start building your village. The basics you'll need are housing (huts), resource collection buildings (lumber camp, mining camp), and defensive structures like a tower. Don't worry too much about layout at this point - you can rearrange things later. Just focus on getting those core buildings up and running.

  • Start with 2-3 huts to house your initial population
  • Build a lumber camp and mining camp near resource nodes on your map tile
  • Throw down a basic tower near your Village entrance for protection

Get Resources and Grow Your Population

Now that you have the foundations of your village laid out, it's time to start accumulating resources in this browser game. Assign villagers to work in your various resource buildings to begin the collection process. Food will be your top priority at first to grow your population.

As the resources flow in, use them to expand your infrastructure. Upgrade your core buildings, build more huts to increase your population cap, and add additional resource production. As long as you keep food stocks up, new villagers will join your tribe over time.

  • Make regular food deliveries to your huts to keep villagers fed
  • Upgrade resource buildings to improve yields over time
  • Expand housing as your population grows for more workers

Explore the Map and Meet Neighbors

To take your village to the next level, you'll need to start exploring beyond your initial map tile. Send out some early game scouts to reveal the fog of war around your territory. As you uncover new areas, you may run into neighboring villages and tribes.

Try waving hello to introduce yourself to nearby players. Some could become trading partners, while others may end up being rivals. If you spot any hostile forces gathering, make sure to prepare your defense! It never hurts to send a courtesy warrior escort with your scouts as well.

  • Use scouts to uncover surrounding map tiles and strategic resources
  • Wave and introduce yourself to neighboring players you encounter
  • Consider collecting a small warrior escort party when scouting alone

Progress Technologically and Advance Ages

A big part of the fun in Totem Tribe II comes from advancing your civilization through the various technological ages. Each new era unlocks powerful new units, buildings and abilities for your tribe. To progress, you'll need to assign villagers to your newly constructed College for technological research.

Start by researching essential early game tech like ranged and melee weapons, then move on to crafting, mining and construction. Before you know it, you'll achieve the milestones to graduate to the Bronze age, then Iron, and beyond. Each new age exponentially expands your possibilities.

  • Build a College and assign researchers to begin the tech tree
  • Focus early research on basic military, crafting and construction
  • Celebrate hitting new ages with ceremonial buildings or wonders

Managing Battles, Army and Defense

Warfare is an inevitable part of life on Planet Teya, so you'll need to start building up your military capacities. Construct barracks, shaman huts and ranged units to assemble balanced forces. Make sure to regularly upgrade your army's weapons and armor in your new Blacksmith too.

To deploy units effectively, group them into organized formations before battles. Position tanks and artillery in front, with infantry behind for support. Use hit-and-run tactics with scouts if outnumbered. And don't forget powerful hero units that can turn the tides!

  • Establish diverse production buildings for balanced army comps
  • Practice formations and unitMicromanagement before real fights
  • Consider cooperative ownership of expensive defenses between allies

And that wraps up some essential beginner tips to help kickstart your tribal kingdom in Totem Tribe II. Remember, the world is alive with both friend and foe, so approach others thoughtfully as your empire takes root on Planet Teya.

Published 15 November 2023

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