Become The Savior To An Ancient Greek Civilization in Heroes of Hellas Origins

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An Enchanting Tale of Epic Proportions

In Heroes of Hellas Origins, you take on the role of a humble servant tasked with an important quest: to restore favor with Poseidon, the mighty God of the Oceans, and establish a new kingdom beneath the waves.

To succeed in your sacred mission, you must harness the power of matching gems in this mystical match 3 game. Scour the colorful seabed to uncover gems of gold, emerald and amethyst, swapping and combining them to earn mystical rewards.

Visually stunning environments transport the player beneath the Aegean. Ancient Greek iconography is beautifully realized, from ornate temple structures to authentic statues of the Olympians. Menus resemble celestial visions across flickering waves, while artifacts are lovingly crafted to feel historical.

For fans of ancient legends and matching games, Heroes of Hellas Origins offers a unique underwater odyssey to discover. Will you succeed in your heroic quest and prove yourself to the gods? Dive in to find out!

Classic Match 3 Gameplay That is Beloved

Now for the bulk of the gameplay: the Match-3 mode. Before you even begin, you should know that there are different modes and difficulty settings for this Match-3 puzzle game. Firstly, there’s the classic normal, easy, and hard, these settings change things like how often power-ups appear and the order in which the tiles appear. The different modes, however, are the real game changer. One of them is called “Relaxed”, where you don’t need to worry too much about the game beyond matching the tiles, making it more approachable for casual gamers. Then there’s “Timed”, where a very non-lenient timer is rushing you towards your goals. And finally, “Limited moves”. This one is more strategic and less frantic than “Timed” mode since you have to plan your moves carefully but you are free to take it at your pace as you do so.

Your real goal in each stage is not simply to make points, but to clear the designated golden tiles displaced at random on the stage. Make a match on these tiles to make them disappear, and after clearing all of them the level is considered cleared, and you can move on. At times you will be tasked with collecting other items besides the golden tiles, like flowers or gold. Each collectible has its own special rule, so keep your wits about you. Stages are divided into parts, almost like two stages into one, and you are free to complete them in whichever order you want, evoking the style of classic board games.

There are plenty of power-ups and traps to find, like in many other Match-3 games, but the real twist here is the levels hidden within the level itself. These areas are hidden until you make a match with the winged tiles; they will show the hidden areas of the level, adding variety beyond basic tile matching. Once you’ve collected enough resources, you can now build the new Atlantis. You’ll start slow, with flowers and dolphins, eventually making grand buildings and calling in many mermaids involving city building elements set in an underwater/ocean themed world.

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Beautiful Greek-influenced Art Style

Since this is a tale about godly sacrifices, the art style is very regal and golden. Each menu is like a window into the top of Mount Olympus; gold frames, clouds decorating each corner, and different Greek themes decorate each corner. The icons of the matching game are colorful, like in all games of the genre, yet they are not too shiny. This is a more subdued game, meant for fans of ancient mythology more than children. In the other areas of the game, there is a combination of real-world pictures and realistic drawings. The statues of the gods in particular are pictures of actual idols shown in museums.


What was once a barren underwater wasteland will soon become a blossoming beacon of hope for humanity. Heroes of Hellas Origins is a fun and educational trip through Ancient Greece. While the art is enjoyable and the unlocked screensavers are very pretty, the real joy is in its gameplay and the well-written texts about the history of such an important place for humanity!

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Published 21 August 2023

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