Become The Savior To An Ancient Greek Civilization in Heroes of Hellas Origins

An Enchanting Tale of Epic Proportions

3.9 Rating - 80 Votes

In Heroes of Hellas Origins, you take on the role of a humble servant tasked with an important quest: to restore favor with Poseidon, the mighty God of the Oceans, and establish a new kingdom beneath the waves.

To succeed in your sacred mission, you must harness the power of matching gems in this mystical match 3 game. Scour the colorful seabed to uncover gems of gold, emerald and amethyst, swapping and combining them to earn mystical rewards.

Visually stunning environments transport the player beneath the Aegean. Ancient Greek iconography is beautifully realized, from ornate temple structures to authentic statues of the Olympians. Menus resemble celestial visions across flickering waves, while artifacts are lovingly crafted to feel historical.

For fans of ancient legends and matching games, Heroes of Hellas Origins offers a unique underwater odyssey to discover. Will you succeed in your heroic quest and prove yourself to the gods? Dive in to find out!

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Published 08 January 2024

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