Barn Yarn: A Hidden Object game with an easygoing plot

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Barn Yarn is a free hidden object game that combines hidden object gameplay with time management. In this beautiful farm setting game, rancher Joe and his grandson Tom team up to sell old junk to raise money and fix up their dilapidated barn. Players help them find items hidden amongst scenes on their farm. This simple plot is woven into the game's hidden object gameplay. Barn Yarn also includes FarmVille-style time management as crops must be planted and harvested!!

We found the storyline easygoing yet heartwarming, and there are several subplots that show up as the story progresses. We won't go into too much detail as we don't want to spoil the story for you, but we, ummm, cannot confirm nor deny if we were moved to tears at some point! The characters have some fun and quirky lines as you hang around the barn and see the events unfold, and since you can choose to enter your name when creating a new game, it feels like you’re actively participating in the renovation efforts when the characters talk to you directly and refer to you by your designated name.

As you complete sales, you earn money and can renovate or upgrade your barn. Seeing your barn progress from a broken down shed into a stylish and modern safe place for your animals to endure the winter will definitely fill you with a sense of accomplishment.

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Published 05 March 2024

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