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If you love the dark platformer that involves fighting and solving puzzles in space, you need to get this free game now!

Annulus was developed by TOQ Games and released in 2020. Afraid of the dark? Turning the lights on just might be more dangerous... You have arrived on the Annulus, a space station here to reap all of your home world's power. You can channel this power freely through you, but strange and twisted machines are here to take it. Navigate the dark corridors and fight against the darkness in this epic descent into the Annulus and control the vessel from within. Reroute power to light the way and solve puzzles. Pick up abilities along the way and become strong enough to traverse the deepest parts of the ship. Can you uncover the true purpose of the Annulus?

Available until 05 December 2020! Click here to claim Annulus



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Published 11 November 2020

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