Achieve Your Beautiful Interior Decoration Dreams with Home Designer: Home Sweet Home

A Game That Brings Your Decoration Dreams To Life

4.2 Rating - 193 Votes

The game has very little in terms of story but a lot to offer when it comes to decor. It all starts with the previous game, with you arriving at a friend’s place, who asks you for help designing a living room to sell the house. You start by being introduced to the basics of the game by cleaning the cobwebs. As you clear and clean everything, you are given your ultimate goal: gather money to buy furniture and paintings. You do this by participating in many minigames, and at the start of the game, these have different justifications as to why you are doing them. Some are garage sales, others are people asking for commissions.

The funniest ones are the card games that are just that, card games to pass the time. Eventually, the game runs out of reasons as to why you are doing the tasks and just gives you the money you want at the end of them. In this game, the story is the same, except you’re doing the entire house, not just the living room.

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Published 20 December 2023

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