Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum Review

What is this game about?

4.1 Rating - 277 Votes

The game’s art style aims for the horror of the real; while some supernatural elements are present, you will mostly be dealing with locales that could be present in the real world, and that you would certainly not want to spend a night in. Like horror games of the genre, the backgrounds are fully detailed with each item lying around telling its own story. The theme of an abandoned place is throughout the game, and even things that have little to do with the main plot can be the scariest since it makes your imagination fill in the gaps. Expect plenty of dark corners, some even too dark to see at first.

You will meet a handful of characters in your adventure, and they are rendered in full 3D and even voice acted. There is nothing more important in a horror themed game than immersion, and these aspects truly sell the experience.

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Published 14 November 2023

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