10 Best Dark-Themed Hidden Object Games

1. Taken Souls: Blood Ritual

Taken Souls: Blood Ritual is a hidden object puzzle game that is filled with just the right amount of horror and mystery solving.

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2. Demon Hunter 5: Ascendanse

Unleash your demon-slaying skills and unravel the mysteries of the supernatural world!

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3. House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets

In House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets, explore an eerie mansion hiding countless mysteries. Peel back the layers of an epic family drama as you find hidden objects.

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4. Weird Park: The Final Show

A young boy has stepped into a closet and disappeared. Cops and journalists have swarmed his home looking for answers but they can’t see what lies behind the veil of reality - a bizarre alternate dimension created by a twisted imagination! Take the role of an investigative report and unlock the door to the other world. Save the child and bring an end to Mr. Dudley’s reign of terror. Can you solve the puzzles he put in place to stop you from reaching the boy?

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5. Darkarta: A Broken Heart's Quest

In Darkarta, embark on a mother's frantic quest to rescue her kidnapped daughter, uncovering mystical secrets of the lost Indus Valley civilization. Traverse enchanted valleys and solve puzzles in this emotionally gripping hidden object adventure game.

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6. Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt

In Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt, experience a riveting story as you delve into the paranormal to decipher mysterious events and chilling clues. Become Emily Meyer from Boston PD and unravel the dark secrets in this engaging horror hidden object game.

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7. Psycho Train

In Psycho Train, experience the chilling mystery aboard a haunted locomotive as you search for hidden objects and solve perplexing puzzles. Uncover the darkest secrets and immerse yourself in a heart-pounding journey of suspense and intrigue in this hidden object game.

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8. Dark Strokes: Sins Of The Fathers

In Dark Strokes: Sins Of The Fathers Collectors Edition, experience the gripping journey of unraveling a haunting mystery as you navigate through atmospheric locations and solve intricate puzzles. Rescue a loved one from the clutches of malevolent forces in this exciting hidden object game.

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9. House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster

Hunt hidden objects, solve cryptic puzzles, and defy death in House of 1,000 Doors! A cursed gem threatens the mystical House, and only you can stop it. Join Kate Reed as she journeys across the globe, from Tibet's peaks to Madagascar's jungles, seeking ancient artifacts.

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10. Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story

Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story is more than a game; it's a heart-stopping journey of true darkness discovery! Are you ready for really dark and creepy places, places without sun and light of hope? So welcome stranger, maybe you can bring a light of hope in this dark abandoned world and destroy dark witchcraft.

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Published 12 March 2024

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