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Windows 10 Games

Windows 10 Games

Where can you download the best Windows 10 games legally for free?

Answer: GameTop. Free games are easily available on the net. This is true for windows 10 games. However, during the process of downloading the best Windows 10 games, Windows computers tend to have a high chance of being infected by unknown malware or viruses. Nevertheless, there are sites like GameTop which provide a safe and reliable free games download. For over 10 years GameTop has been fighting to bring you the best free full version games for free. These games are all legally licensed with no malware or spyware in them. Over the years, GameTop has accumulated a massive amount of Windows 10 games in their library, you can be assured that the best windows 10 games can be found right here at GameTop. Below are the best windows 10 games that are popular with our gamers.

Legacy: Witch Island 2:

In Legacy: Witch Island 2, you were brought back to the mystery island. During the previous clash with the evil witch, you were betrayed by your sweetheart, Peter. This time, the witch has regained her powers. Embark on an adventure in this fantasy island, in search of the ancient prophecy and defeat the evil witch. Prevent the witch from taking over the island.

Insane Monster Truck Racing:

In Insane Monster Truck Racing, be drawn into a jaw-dropping race like you never seen before. The built-in nitro boosters can send these heavy monstrous ATV trucks into a deadly pace. Take down your competitors as you bash through different checkpoints within the track. Complete different achievements to unlock different powerful trucks.

Marble Run:

Marble Run allows you to be the master of your own tracks. Be a level editor, design crazy and wild tracks for your marbles. A simulator that endorses your creative concept. Share your design tracks with your friends in the game.

What are the problems faced when downloading windows 10 games for free from unreliable sites?

Windows 10 is the latest version available in Microsoft. It will not be surprising to find a large number of games built around this operating system. Although these games are new and can be easily downloaded online, players face numerous problems when downloading these games. Most of these downloads are chargeable. Below are some common problems faced when downloading free games from unreliable sites.

Other websites distributes annoying in-game advertisements:

Most free downloadable games contain in-game advertisements. This means a massive amount of time will be wasted on exiting these meaningless advertisements. Not to mention the overall gameplay experience affected by these advertisements. Throw this problem behind. In GameTop all our games are in-game advertisement free. Enjoy your game with no distractions.

Websites illegally distributed games a.k.a. pirated games without you knowing:

Unknown to many, there is a list of websites that distribute illegal games. These games are illegal and you may face the risk of being charged. Unfortunately, it is impossible to distinguish these sites from sites that have legal content. Unknowingly, you might be downloading games which are illegal. The solution? Only download from reliable sites such as GameTop, a site which you can trust.

The hassle of downloading free games from large game sites:

Big game companies are other safe alternative people turns to, for free games download. There may not be in-game advertisements in these game downloads. However, they only have a limited number of games which are free. Most of the time these free ones are the trial versions of their games. Not only must you pay to continue the game, but you will also have to go through a tedious process of adding your credit card details. This may also result in a possible risk of data leakage. GameTop only provide you with free games that are in full version.

In conclusion, it is really challenging to find a safe and reliable site for downloading windows 10 games these days. GameTop is one of the rare sites that provide gamers with a hassle-free full version games download. If you are looking for the best site to download the best free windows 10 games then look no further. GameTop has a large library of the best Windows 10 games. Stop paying and start playing free games with us today.