Best Football Game Ever

Exclusive soccer game with 70 teams and tough computer opponents. Watch the video below.

If you watched the video, it should be clear why the Football World is such a blockbuster from Gametop. In one month this exclusive soccer game has been downloaded more than 130,000 times by players all around the world.

Play Football World casually just ten minutes at a time, or if you have more time, start the world championship mode with full 2 x 45-minutes rounds. The game has 70 countries to choose from and an advanced artificial intelligence system that controls the computer players. Advance through semifinals and finals towards the golden trophy. The gameplay mechanics are easy to adopt, use the mouse button to pass or kick and you can try to "steal" the ball if the opponent is in control.

The graphics in Football World are just perfect for this kind of game and it will run great on lower spec computers and laptops as well. You get the feeling of a real football game once the players march to the field. On top of the modern graphics, the music and sound effects are really suited to the game. For example, the audience reacts to the game events by cheering wildly.

Football World is a great game for all the soccer lovers and everyone else too who is interested in sports games. As always, the game is free to download from Download, just follow the links or press the button below. Every single match is different and you will definitely enjoy playing this beautiful soccer game. Best of all, you can play it just casually just a few minutes at a time, or go all way with the world championship mode.


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