Challenging puzzle brain teasers with Back to Bed!

What is Back to Bed about?

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Back to Bed is a creative and challenging free logic game, it takes players on a whimsical journey through a dreamlike world where logic and surrealism collide. The premise is both humorous and intriguing - players must protect and guide a sleepwalker to safety, ensuring he reaches his bed unharmed. This unique game blends puzzle solving and a surreal story in a fun and engaging experience. With its focus on creativity, challenges, and guiding a character through bizarre dreams, Back to Bed offers players plenty to enjoy without cost.

The sleepwalker in need of protection is Bob, and he seems to have fallen asleep while working. We can see in the intro cutscene that he seemingly walked out through the window to the nearby rooftops, and seems to be wandering around aimlessly.

You have to stop him from walking to the edge of the buildings by putting things on his way. As far as what you are, well you are Bob’s subconscious, but what really matters is that you should help poor Bob back to bed safely.

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Published 05 June 2024

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