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What is Back to Bed about?

Back to Bed is a puzzle video game with a humorous premise! In it, you have to protect and guide a sleepwalker so he makes it safely to his bed.

The sleepwalker in need of protection is Bob, and he seems to have fallen asleep while working. We can see in the intro cutscene that he seemingly walked out through the window to the nearby rooftops, and seems to be wandering around aimlessly.

You have to stop him from walking to the edge of the buildings by putting things on his way. As far as what you are, well you are Bob’s subconscious, but what really matters is that you should help poor Bob back to bed safely.

Intriguing puzzle gameplay that requires you to work around Bob!

Back to Bed is a puzzler where you need to find the correct set of actions that lead Bob to his bed. This sleepwalker is always walking in a straight line, unless something blocks his path or he falls. Of course, you want to avoid the latter.

When something blocks his path, Bob always turns clockwise. This allows you to plan ahead, since you know his movements, and in case you are a bit confused there are markings on the floor telling you where exactly he will go if you perform an action.

Your character has no collision, so you yourself can not make Bob turn. You can pick up other objects, usually oversized apples, and put them in his way. The real strategy comes from administrating what little resources you have and planning ahead so poor Bob does not end his dream in a gruesome manner as he is completely oblivious to the hazards around him.

The game constantly adds features and hazards that are on theme with the dreamworld you are in. Some items might be stuck on walls and you need a ladder leading to them, allowing you to walk on the walls. There are also mirrors that connect with one another, allowing you to walk through them. Bob can also travel via said mirrors, a useful thing to keep in mind.

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Incredibly surreal art that ties in with the game theme!

The game’s art aims to be incredibly surreal, with inspiration drafted from Salvador Dali’s most famous works. Each stage is filled with details and even direct references to the artist renditions of dreams, with melting clocks, flying hats and giant green apples.

There are also plenty of disembodied eyes, always looking at where the sleepwalker is going. The theme is even present in the mechanics, since there are stairs that seemingly go nowhere yet they allow you to walk on walls.

Fitting character design and ambiance!

The main character’s designs are a bit cartoony, yet still unsettling in a good way. What you control for example, is a sort of green dog with the head of a man wearing a one piece bodysuit. While the game does not exactly state what you are, it is implied that you are Bob's subconsciousness . You do not get much stranger than that.

The palette is a mixture of yellow and sepia tones; there are not many bright colors since it goes with the theme of being inside a dream.

While everything is in high definition, the design of the world makes it feel hazy, adding to the dream-like state one would be in if sleepwalking. This is even accentuated further by the sound design, specifically when given an objective. The voice saying words like “don’t let Bob fall” sounds bizarrely unnatural, almost as if he was talking backwards.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Back to Bed is a surreal adventure that can be quite the brain teaser. And when you already think you have the answer, the quick paced nature of the game will still have you on your toes. And it goes without saying that this is a must have for fans of the works of Salvador Dali.

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Published 22 May 2023

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