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Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm is an MMO game of building & farm where you require a good time management on having a good harvest.



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From the makers of Goodgame Empire, comes the ultimate farm management game, Goodgame Big Farm. Goodgame studio has made this a casual online game for those who seek to experience peaceful farm life, away from the bustling city. It all started when you inherited a farm from your dearest uncle George. The family barn is in a state of mess and it desperately needs some work done. From planting to harvesting to raising your own animals, you have full control of your little farm. Among all farming games, this MMO game has one of the strongest community of 340 million users. Find like-minded farmer friends and pool your resources together towards this However, for those who prefer resource management games with a little more strategic battles, there are also Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms, Goodgame Empire and Legends of Honour which are all developed by Goodgame studio.

Game Objective

The objective of this farm management game is to make your farm the greatest farm amongst the community of Goodgame Big Farm players. Besides the main characters, this online game has a high number of tiny farmers (NPC) where they provide an important role in familiarising you with the tutorial. There are two main types of resources available, your money and coins which help you acquire new technologies and buildings while the other resources are your harvest and stocks which brings you money. In other words, one must have good time management skill to run the farm efficiently for maximum profit. With the money you earned, you can begin to upgrade and expand your golden acres of land. There are over 45 different buildings and upgrades to be done. Also, there are 90 products that you can produce which could help you in your lucrative farming business. Goodgame studio also made personalisation of your farm available with 100 over decorations.


You begin this farm building game with a farm that needs massive revamp. In the early levels, you could only grow basic crops. As you advance through this farm management game, you will be able to unlock new crops. These crops when harvest, would fetch a hefty sum of money for your farm. You can also speed up the growth of crops through the use of fertilisers. (E.g collecting eggs or products of other livestock to make fertilisers.)

Unlike, many adventure games, the adventure of building up a farm takes patience and a good time management. There are different milestones in Goodgame Big Farm that you have to achieve. This may come in different forms such as growing crops, harvesting them, taking care of your live stocks, feeding them and selling your harvest in the market for money. The number of crops that you can grow in the game is limited, however as you progress, you will be able to expand your family barn to a bigger farm with more variety of crops.

You can also build structures on your little farm. Different structures have different functions, as you hover over a building, depending on the building, there will be specific actions that you can choose from. You can also get helpful insights on the suggested steps you can take to expand your golden acres of land. These structures can also be upgraded or moved with minimum effort needed. Increase in production will mean more profit.

Sound and Graphics

If you played games like Goodgame Empire, you will find that Goodgame Big Farm has very similar graphics. These graphics seem like they were hand-drawn and were animated really nicely. Unlike other farming games, this farm management game doesn’t display a high level of detail on the individual characters. (e.g features of the farmers may not be very defined) Yet, this doesn’t affect the gameplay. Goodgame studio compensated this with colourful and scenic graphics with countryside music that takes away the stress in your city life. You will instantly fall in love with the simplicity of this farming game.

Tips and Tricks

Most adventure games are really slow paced. However, in your adventures in Goodgame Big Farm, you will realise that time is of the essence. Sometimes you will need the extra tips and tricks that can help you with your time management. This way, you will be able to make more money from your farm management.

Below are some really neat tricks:

– Before logging out, make sure you have planted some crops which requires a long time to grow;

– Always upgrade the things that will maximize your profit. At the beginning of this farm building game, go for the Farmhouse instead of the Windmill – this will help you build structures in a shorter time;

– Always take the opportunity to grow more corns as it doesn’t take much time. These corns can also be used to feed the chickens;

– Follow the sequence of the in-game missions and this will help you get all the upgrades and buildings in proper order. You will also be rewarded with items that hasten your processing speed in your little farm;

– Give your dog a treat every day and you will be rewarded with free items that can assist you in your market upgrades.


In conclusion, Goodgame big farm has a good plot filled with many surprises in the gameplay. Although the features of the characters may not be finely defined, the overall graphics look sharp. Amongst the farming games that are currently in the market, it is one of the most complete farm game. It has a simple layout that is really beginner friendly. Of course, the best of it is that it is free.


  • File Size: 2 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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