Annie's Millions

Think you could spend one million dollars? Go on a million dollar spending spree.

Download Annie's Millions free full version game and start playing now!



How well do you think you could spend one million dollars? Go on a million dollar spending spree and find out in Annie's Million's, an engaging hidden object challenge! Join Annie as she tries to spend one million dollars faster and more wisely than her cousins in a week-long challenge presented by her Uncle. If she wins, she'll inherit her Uncle's entire fortune! If she loses . . . well, shopping with a million dollars is still fun!

Help Annie find the items on her shopping list in a huge variety of shops around town, play original mini-games to earn helpful hints, and prove she deserves her Uncle's wealth. A wonderful adventure that's full of shopping fun, try Annie's Millions today!

Download free full version game today and join this wonderful adventure!

- Search for Hidden Objects on a Shopping Spree;

- Explore a Wide Range of Shops and Boutiques;

- Play Original Mini-Games for Extra Hints;

- Engaging Storyline Featuring Annie and her Cousins;

- Nearly Endless Hidden Object Fun.


Game Requirements:

  • - File Size: 84 Mb;
  • - Microsoft Windows operating system;
  • - Easy game removal through the Windows Control Panel.


Annie's Millions Screenshot
Annie's Millions Screenshot
Annie's Millions Screenshot
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