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Action 2D IO Games Multiplayer HTML5 Games is an awesome and interesting .io game with a unique twist that sets it apart from other titles. In this game, you fly a helicopter and shoot other players. You can also build towers and walls on the map to mark your territory. By marking a bigger territory and shooting other helis you can earn experience points (XP)!

This game might seem like a standard io game but you can actually shoot your helicopter's weapons to destroy your enemies territory and claim it for your own!

Different game modes

There are three different modes in deflyio: PVP, Defuse and Games. In PVP mode every player must try to cover as much of the map as possible. In the Defuse mode, there are two spots that belong to different teams. Each of the teams has to protect its own bomb spot. In the third mode, called teams, there are 8 teams (Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, and Sky Blue) of 6 players. Similar to PVP mode the teams have to cover as much space as possible.

Levels consists of 32 levels, you can level up by gaining XP’s. You will be rewarded XP by destroying enemy towers, conquering territory, or killing other players by shooting them. The higher your level the more skills you will acquire. You can improve your player speed, bullet speed, bullet range, reload speed or build distance. Build distance means that your helicopter will be able to build walls and towers in a range around your heli.

Starting from level 20 you can also reach superpowers like dual fire, speed boost, clone, shield, flashbang, and teleport.

Release Date

January 2018


Exodragon Games (Florent) developed



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