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Dark Soul Online Description

Once in a while the living have rare dreams. They dream of the secret passageways in the bowels of reality and the Darkness guarding their reverie. The passageways are winding and deceitful. The Darkness is hungry in its thousand forms. Yet a man of spirit will challenge them and, in the chaos of bleak mazes, he will find the way to the Scarlet Door, and behind it - Freedom.

Fourteen levels of breath-taking adventure set in grim world of madness made reality. Catacombs, poisoned collectors, underground laboratories and even the depths of Hell will become arenas for violent battles with the spawns of Darkness. A wide variety of weapons all the way from shotgun to plasmagun and demonic abilities will help the brave men to dominate the battlefield, turning their enemies into clouds of blood-stained fog.

Modern graphics and intensive, really cool game-play in keeping with the best traditions of classic FPS. All of it - in Dark Soul: Path of Awakening.