Grand Theft Auto 5 is action packed adventure game. Follow the story of three criminals in GTA 5.


GTA V Скриншоты

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game like no other. Dive deep into the life of the thugs of San Andreads. Free Game Features: - Roam around freely in the state of San Andreas; - Complete missions to progress the storyline; - Open ended gameplay style, huge area to explore; - Three different characters to play and a story that links them all together; - Original soundtrack and licensed music; - Cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, trucks, tanks and more to command; - Complete heists with AI-controlled accomplices, each with unique skill set; - Large variety of weapons to choose from and the option to mount attachments for further customization; - New activities such as yoga, tennis, golf, parachute jumping and scuba diving to name a few;

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