Top 10 PC Sports Games of All Times

Sports is one of the oldest genres in computer gaming and has a a huge following from around the world. Here are top 10 sports games of all times for Windows PC's. Some of them might be older games already, but these are chosen based on the overall review scores. Read on.

Madden NFL 2016

Best Free Sports Games Football, or more precisely American football is not a game for everyone. The sport is is obviously enjoyed most in United States but little anywhere else in the world. That being said, Madden NFL 2016 is still considered one of the best football games in recent years. We have come to expect a new installation of the NFL series every year and the 2016 version does not disappoint. There are some fine incremental adjustment but the core gameplay is mostly just as solid as it already was in 2015. There is a new 30-song soundtrack which is excellent at creating the mood and a new Draft Champion mode. In the Draft mode you will go through 15 rounds of selecting players and then taking them to field to see how well they do.

EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Best Free Sports Games As with many other sports games, this premiere golfing game also relies on a well-known name and in this case it is Rory McIlroy, the golfer from Ireland was major champion four times by the age of 25 among other accolades. The the Rory McIlroy golf includes some new features such as a backswing meter, aiming arc and other refinements to make this game even better. The new game engine provides more realism in terms of physics and players should notice a difference in how the ball behaves on different environments. The game also includes several real-world fully licensed courses and several more as downloadable content.

NBA 2K16

Best Free Sports Games The basketball games these days are mostly for serious gamers and the games are filled with an amazing amount of detail and features. The newly released NBA 2K16 is the latest installment in the franchise. As the name suggest, this basketball is fully licensed with the National Basketball Association and you get to play with all the famous characters. In addition to the regular NBA season there are several other gaming modes such as playoff games, summer league games and a new feature called Mycareer. The idea with Mycareer is to give the player an idea of how a player would advance all the way from high school to become a NBA superstar. The graphics are even more realistic than ever and there has been a team of DJ’s who have created a special soundtrack of more than fifty songs for the game.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD

Best Free Sports Games The latest Tony Hawk Pro Skater game received rather mixed reviews but despite that, it remains one of the best skateboarding games out there for PC. In fact, the HD version is a remake of the classic Tony Hawk skater games that had been previously released on different platforms. In addition to some new features, the graphics and textures were significantly improved. The gameplay on Tony Hawks is more towards arcade style gaming with the player tasked to learn different kinds of skateboarding tricks. Performing tricks in succession creates a combo and results in more points naturally.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Best Free Sports Games PC gaming has come a long way and one of the longest franchises is the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The year 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of this renowned soccer game. As with certain racing games and basketball games, the Pro Evolution Soccer is licensed and modeled according to the official UEFA Champions League. This means you can play with all the favorite teams and players around the world. The 2016 version includes some refinements such as three times more animation with the players, a better team AI intelligence as well as dynamic weather modeling. If you love soccer games and need to pick just one, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is a solid choice.

NHL 09

Best Free Sports Games NHL 09 is the latest installment of the renowned ice-hockey game that has been released on the Windows / PC platform. Now seven years after the release the game might appear a bit dated in terms of graphics, but it does not change the fact that this is one of the best ice hockey games on a PC. The gameplay is great and the controls are good. The game does have an online multiplayer mode, but it is so featured and game mode packed that you will probably play this for months before touching the online mode. The most interesting is the Dynasty mode where you can control everything from trading players, signing agents and so on.

Fifa 2014

Best Free Sports Games When it comes to game series with long history, the best versions are typically not the ones that have a lot of new features and changes, but the games that focus on the core gameplay and refine the existing features to perfection. The arch enemy of Fifa has always been the Pro Evolution Soccer with it’s elegant passing system, but Fifa is more focused on exciting gameplay and amazing visuals. The animations are more detailed and the team player artificial intelligence is vastly improved. You will notice how your teammates intelligently get into good positions on the field and it works just as well when defending your goal. And there is so much to enjoy with Fifa 2014. You can play a full season or just one-off games, it is entirely up to you.

Virtua Tennis 3

Best Free Sports Games Virtual Tennis 3 is definitely the best tennis game for the modern pc. This game is somewhere between an arcade game and a simulator which is good for both, the more serious as well as casual gamers. The main career mode has the player traveling around the world playing tennis against the biggest stars. You can customize your player in detail and with a lot of licensed tennis equipment. The graphics have been vastly improved and are nearing the photorealistic style. Each professional player has their unique mannerisms.

World of Fishing

Best Free Sports Games One of the more unusual sports games is the World of Fishing. Fishing is obviously a very specific type of game, but when it comes to the gamers who enjoy this genre, they would be hard pressed to find anything better than World of Fishing. This game is a mix of fishing simulator and a fully featured MMO with which includes hundreds of items, character development and more than fishing locations around the world. If you are new to fishing, the in-game tutorial is great to get you up to speed and catching some fish. More than 450 types of fish and dozens of quests and daily missions will be guaranteed to keep you playing World of Fishing for a very long time.

Football Manager 2016

Best Free Sports Games The most realistic in-depth soccer management game is definitely Football Manager 2016. This game lets you decide on everything all the way from choosing who gets to play and who is sitting on the bench. Managing a football team is not only dealing with the game, but you need to take care of media relations and problems with the players as well. Several new game modes have been added to give the players more choices to enjoy the game. Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer is a better fit if you prefer to have more hands-on approach to soccer, but for those who enjoy the numbers, statistics and strategies in soccer, the Football Manager 2016 is a solid choice.


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