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Want to really get your blood pumping? You need a fast pace, high adrenaline shooting game! Our collection of arcade and action style shooting games has every style and every setting you can imagine. Want to fire some big guns on a naval ship? How about blasting undead foes while crawling through dark dungeons? We have even got shooting games of a funny and cute nature, just in case you are not into the whole blood and gore scene! No matter which title you choose, there is no shortage of power-ups, weapon upgrades, or baddies to take out.

Shooting games have been a staple in the gaming world since the very beginning. Some of the earliest titles were all about blasting asteroids or shooting people in tanks. Even though the graphics and controls were simple, we still had fun pulling those triggers. Modern shooting games pump up the excitement tenfold with enhanced visuals, amazing soundtracks, and fully realized worlds to explore. Sometimes all you want to do is shoot a few targets with arrows, but other times you need to hop on the back of a dragon and shoot kingdoms and empires from the sky. No matter your tastes, we have got plenty of shooting games to explore!